Tuesday, February 26, 2002

101 Que No He Hecho

Back in high school Spanish class, we played a game called, “No he ...” it was a way to learn to use a funky verbage thing.  he + verb + ado/ido.  Like… No “he hablado en espa????quot;... except that’s a lie because I have.  Uh, anyhow, what it means is, “I have never…” I’ve seen this as a drinking game, too, where you go around the table and one person says something they’ve never done, and if other people have, they have to drink.  Fun.

Anyhow, I figured since I listed 101 things about myself, I could list some things I’ve never done… in English, since I’m a lot rusty on my Spanish.

I have never

1. been overseas

2. smoked

3. done illegal drugs

4. traded lunches with someone

5.  stolen money from my workplace

6.  eaten worms

(Oops, I forgot about the time we were picking cherries and eating them straight from the tree only to find out later they had worms in them.)

6. made a souffle

7. consumed whisky

8. had lice


been asked to dance by a guy at a club

10. gone bar hopping

11. owned a brand new car

12. broken a bone

13. lived alone

14. been electrocuted

15. beat Jeremy at a game of Java Catan


owned a rodent

17. changed my own oil

18. had a tattoo

19. been in the military

20. wanted to be in the military

21. lived in another country

22. worked at a strip club

23. flown a plane

24. gone skiing

25. worn fishnet stockings

26. eaten tripe

27. had to commute to work

28. been organized

29. signed up for AOL

30. known how to speak a single word of Korean


31. wanted to visit Hawaii

32. slept under the stars

33. been evicted

34. had an abortion

35. been on a cruise ship


36. cleaned my microwave

(Just kidding.  It just LOOKS that way)

36. -learned to make hospital corners-

37. dyed my hair an especially unusual color (green, blue, purple, etc.)

38. remembered to buy ice cream for one of my kiddos birthday parties


39. lived #38 down


40. bought anything from a TV informercial

41. been to the east coast

42. tasted Tab

43. been on TV

44. dated my husband

45. read a book by Steven King

46. had someone throw me a surprise party

47. been to a surprise party

48. been paid for sex

49. had anything repossessed

50. pawned anything

51. been into a pawn shop

52. commited a heinous crime

53. been arrested

54. hated my first name


55. glued my fingers together

56. been divorced

57. ordered a drink which came with an umbrella in it


58. been at the back of a roller coaster

59. gone white water rafting (though I have been on a raft)


60. been blonde

61. been paid to teach

62. dated someone of another race

63. had a tumor

64. been homeless


65. worn orange

66. painted a house

67. shaved my head


68. used a weed wacker

69. been completely alone for Christmas


70. touched a bat (the mammal, not the baseball type)


71. written a check for more than $1500

72. coughed up blood

73. been shot

74. worn a dress made of cellophane

75. been to the opera

76. learned to play a musical instrument

77. slept with either of my parents


78. laughed so hard something came out my nose

(Gee, thanks, Andrea.)

79. spent so much time thinking about what I have never done


80. broken a CD

81. cut one of my dolls’ hair

82. been to Canada

83. taken dancing lessons

84. learned to swim

85. owned a crimping iron

86. been popular


87. seen a dead human body

88. owned a sewing machine

89. built a tree house

90. had a mamogram

91. paid a parking ticket

92. met anyone famous

93. worn a push-up bra

94. stuffed my bra

95. dated a woman

96. had a concussion

97. felt comfortable in my own body

98. had strep throat


99. written a good poem- Good is relative, right?


100. been an aunt


101. given up on a friend

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