Wednesday, March 05, 2003

101 Things About Me (2003)

  1. I have kept a journal since I was in second grade.
  2. I’ve kept a weblog since Wednesday, July 7, 1999.
  3. This is my second time for writing 101 things about me.  Last year’s list is still floating around somewhere.
  4. I’ve been pregnant four times but I only have three children.
  5. I was only about 6-8 weeks along when I miscarried.  Sebastian was just over a year old. 
  6. In many ways, I’m grateful that pregnancy did not come to term.
  7. I probably will never be pregnant again.  I’m glad.  I enjoyed having those experiences but it’s time to move on.
  8. I really, really, really want a dog.  A big one.
  9. Sometimes I steal little things - even when I make an actual purchase.  Especially if I feel the item is small and overpriced.
  10. I love cooking.  I especially love cooking when there is some kind of recognition or appreciation for my efforts.
  11. I fantasize about throwing big dinner parties.  Well, parties of any sort really.
  12. In reality, I don’t have any friends who live close enough to have over for parties.
  13. I’m painfully shy.
  14. I talk to myself.  Frequently.
  15. I talk to God.  Not as frequently.
  16. Jesus isn’t my thing.  Organized religion in general isn’t my thing, but I still consider myself spiritual.
  17. I pray best when I’m under the open sky.
  18. I love to dance but have absolutely no coordination, grace, or rhythm.
  19. TDO(The Delicious One) and I have been married for over 8 years, now.
  20. TDO balances me very well.  He doesn’t complete me, he’s not my other half, I could live without him, but you know, in the end I’m usually better person with him and I would rather not live without him. 
  21. I couldn’t ask for a better life partner.  Well, I could, but I wouldn’t get it.
  22. I get my eyebrows waxed every few months.
  23. My guilty little pleasure is watching General Hospital every now and then.
  24. Normally, I almost never watch TV.
  25. Some of my all time favorite movies include: The Princess Bride, The Man in the Iron Mask, Neverending Story, Willow, and Ever After.  I’m a sucker for fairy tales.  I really enjoy “two box tissue” movies like Life as a House, too.
  26. When I’m tipsy I’m even more loquacious than usual.
  27. I’m also more daring.
  28. I also think I’m more funny.  (Usually, I’m not.)
  29. I’m 29 years old.  I don’t ever plan on turning 30.  Why bother?  I’ll stay 29 until I can’t get away with it any longer (say… 40?) then I’ll tell everyone I’m 10 years older than I really am so everyone will say, “NO WAY!  You don’t look that old!”  Cha-ching, I’m saving money on plastic surgery already!
  30. Frugal is my middle name. Well, no, really it’s Ann, but I am a penny pincher, even when I don’t need to be.
  31. I love to watch the weather change but I’m especially fond of snow, rain and thunderstorms.
  32. I love my house and while I can think of a ton of things I’d like to do to fix it up, there is nowhere else I’d like to live right now.
  33. This spring, I plan on working heavily in the yard and especially in the garden.
  34. This is the first year I’ve ever been able to plant perennials without feeling like it was a big waste.
  35. Andrea and Josh are my two bestest friends.
  36. I’m a very emotional person. 
  37. If I see someone else crying, I’m liable to be brought to tears, myself.
  38. My moods are like summer storms - terrible, wild, unpredictable - but passing quickly and moving on to something calmer and sunnier within moments.
  39. Sometimes I make up weird little projects to give myself a reason to get up in the morning/continue with my day.
  40. One of the oddest of those projects was to learn all I could about herbs.  That took me into all kinds of areas, including holistic medicine, soap and toiletry crafting and edible wild plants.
  41. Certain words or phrases hold significant meaning to me. Codes, almost.  If you catch me using one of those phrases or words and you don’t know what I’m talking about, I probably won’t explain.  Sorry.
  42. I’ve only held eight paying jobs in my life.
  43. One of those jobs lasted only a few days.  I filled in as a waitress at my parents’ restaurant when my mom sprained her ankle.  It sucked.  I sucked. 
  44. I am too scatterbrained and not cheerful enough to work with the public.
  45. My ideal job would be… I dunno.  Messy.  Kinda like motherhood.  Hey, maybe this is my ideal job.  At least for now.
  46. I don’t plan on staying home forever.  I have no plans for later, though.  Not yet, anyhow.
  47. I like living on the outside of the box.
  48. Mirrors in dark rooms terrify me.
  49. I believe in ghosts.
  50. Someday, I would really like to write a book.
  51. Someday, I hope Random Jane gets her book published.  (She promised me an autographed copy.)  Mostly, I just want anyone I “know” to get published so I can say, “Hey, I know him/her.”
  52. Actually, I do know someone who is published. Paul Maylott wrote a great RPG, but I don’t know what ever became of him or the book.
  53. In my mind’s eye, I am 40 pounds lighter and am wearing coveralls splotched with paint.  Not all of the paint is dry.  My hair is thicker, my eyes brighter and I always smile.  Funny how one’s mind distorts the truth.
  54. I’m a lip blam junkie.
  55. My tastes are too expensive when it comes to clothes and decorating so I don’t bother to dress nicely or decorate my home.  I can’t afford to.
  56. Remember Bridget Jones?  The girl who always said the wrong thing?  I can relate to that.  My foot lives in my mouth most of the time.
  57. I love making Play-Doh from scratch.  I make mine smell pretty.
  58. It’s my goal to start traveling more, even if it’s only within this area.
  59. In all probability, I will be stopping in Utah to visit with Journalmama sometime this year.  We’ve never met in person, but she’s a really great friend.
  60. Hopefully, I’ll make it to see Brandi and CMTRM this year, too.  We’re hoping to meet up in Oregon.
  61. Chewy, fruity, colorful candies make me happy.  (Jelly beans, gummy bears, Starbursts, etc.)
  62. I’m a severe packrat.  I have notes from high school (and before) stashed away in boxes and bags.  I save movie ticket stubs and twist ties and pressed leaves, old email and all kinds of other nonsense.
  63. Housekeeping is not my thing.
  64. I collect faeries.  Books, figures, stickers, stationary, whatever…  Anything faery related.
  65. Amy Brown is one of my favorite artists.
  66. My biggest regrets in life are always things I didn’t do, not things I have done.
  67. I don’t regret my last 101 Things, even if I constantly catch slack for it.
  68. If I had to live in another country, I’d pick Mexico.
  69. <- I prefer giving over receiving.
  70. In second grade I was given a koala bear.  I still have him and I still cry on him or sleep with him sometimes.
  71. Depression is my #1 enemy.
  72. Low self esteem is #2.
  73. My friends are understanding and empathetic to my “issues” - most of them do or have suffered with depression.
  74. Favorite Things: English Toffee, gardening, honeysuckle scented Partylite candles, sparkling lip shimmer, Mandarine Orange tea, the smell of a rain, Rifts RPG, crab legs with TONS of butter, flannel sheets, Christmas, bubble baths, Depeche Mode, The Sims, Dr. Pepper, pink roses, Burt’s Bees, dark green, my bread maker from Andrea, going to the library, Jessica McClintock perfume, driving in the car with the music volume up - way up…
  75. Pet Peeves: Poor hygeine, cigarette smoke, neglecting to RSVP, telemarketers, SPAM, having someone hang up the phone on me, my freaky neighbors, being told what to do and when to do it, invasion of privacy, people who create trouble for themselves then bitch about it afterward - rinse, repeat…
  76. While I have done my best to give up cutting, sometimes I still scratch the heck out of my forearms.
  77. I love incense.  Usually, I get mine from Anna’s Incense but sometimes I’ll grab some from elsewhere.
  78. I love candles.  I wish I had more.
  79. I love most anything that makes me or my space smell nicer.
  80. Phone sex turns me on.
  81. I rarely get this far into someone else’s 100/101 list before I get bored.  Not that I find people boring, I just have a very short attention span.
  82. I recently learned how to make bracelets, necklaces, earrings and wine charms.  I’ll be glad to sell you one of my pieces.
  83. If I were more motivated, I’d be helping more in getting Bead Feebs dot com up and running so I could sell my beaded crap.
  84. My teeth are crooked.
  85. I have stretch marks over most of my body parts.
  86. It is my goal to one day have a tummy tuck.
  87. The boob job is optional, but something I also consider.
  88. I’m late for everything, even posting this list.
  89. I am 5’3” and at the time of this writing, 133lbs.
  90. Right now, my goal is to get to 125lbs.
  91. When I close my eyes at night before going to sleep I see roses.  Not live roses, mind you, but artwork or roses: paintings, sculptures, mosaics.  I see roses on teacups, carpets, blankets, walls, windows, chairs, even cars.  They’re not memories of things I’ve seen before.
  92. In junior high I made a wooden doll cradle for my sister and painted roses on it.  It wasn’t my best work.
  93. Hanging near my computer desk is the a painting I did in high school.  I consider it to be my best ever.  It’s not so great.
  94. I hate wearing shoes but I love socks.
  95. When I get very, very angry sometimes I break dishes and feel better afterward.
  96. I dream in color.  I always assumed everyone did.
  97. My 101 Things I Haven’t Done is sorely outdated.
  98. Procrastination will see to it that I don’t update it for a long time to come.
  99. My best writing is usually done between the hours of midnight and five in the morning.
  100. Even though I’m writing this between those hours, this is by far some of the worst writing I’ve ever done.
  101. Maybe next year’s list will be better.  I hope so, anyhow.

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