Wednesday, September 17, 2014

No Time - or Wasted Time

OK, seriously, children, you’re only admitting your own incompetence by even asking this question.

But alright, I’ll bite.  HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY SURVIVE?  How can you possibly get it all done, when you have so very, very much to do?  It’s rough, isn’t it?  Good thing you won’t have all this stuff to do when you’re an adult… oh.  Wait.

So really, you don’t have time to get all that done?  Maybe your time management skills just suck.  Maybe you’re wasting away precious time that you will never, ever get back doing stupid shit that ten minutes later you won’t even care about.  So you wanna know how you can find time for all of the things you’re supposed to do?  Make them priority. 

Don’t believe me?  Let’s break it down:

We all have 168 hours in a week.  When people complain, “I don’t have enough time!” I laugh.  Loudly.  Because guess what?  You have as much time in your day/week/month/year as anyone else potentially does.  So here you go, your first gift: 168 hours this week.  Same as me.  Same as your parents and teachers and classmates and siblings.

Super.  Now… what was it you were saying you didn’t have time for?  Right.

If you were to sleep for 8 hours every day, that would take 56 hours of your week. 

Assuming you go to traditional public school, you’re at school for 6 hours a day, five days a week, total : 30 hours in a week.

If you exercised 30 minutes a day (not counting any exercise you do at school or for sports practice) that’s a total of 3 hours per week. 

Studying and homework typically take up an average of 2 hours each school day for a weekly 10 hours.  OK and I really am exaggerating, since I know a great deal more of you spend less than 2 hours of time per day than more than 2 hours per day, but whatever.

Everyone needs to get ready each day, so throw in an hour each day for that for 7 hours a week. 

Breakfast and dinner time should be factored in at about ½ hour each, for a weekly total of 7 hours. 

Help around the house?  My goodness, do you kids actually DO that, anymore?  Regularly?  Bless you, then, let’s assume you are especially helpful to your parents and actually spend an hour each day for a 7 hour weekly total.  (Side note:  As a parent, I would be QUITE pleased if my children spent even 15 minutes a day on chores/helping out, but I won’t judge other kids based on my own children’s lack of interest in unloading the dishwasher or taking out the trash.)

You mentioned socializing, right?  Let’s assume you text/Skype/Minecraft/Steam/or – heaven forbid – actually hang out in person with a friend for an hour each day for a total of 7 hours.  This doesn’t even count the nearly non-stop flow of texting that takes place during class.  Oh, you don’t do that?  Congrats.  I’m proud of you.

So things are adding up, right?  You couldn’t possibly have time for anything more, could you?!?

But, let’s assume you’re in a sport or some other extracurricular activity, just for fun – that’s 2 hours each weekday for practicing and/or games, or 10 hours total.  Don’t like sports?  Think organized clubs and activities are lame?  Fine, let’s assume you spend 10 hours a week playing World of Warcraft or making booger sculptures. Whatever floats your boat.

That’s a LOT.  Or is it?  Let’s do the math:

168 hours (total hours in a week)
- 56 hours (sleep)
- 30 hours (school)
- 3 hours (fitness)
- 10 hours (homework/studying)
- 7 hours (getting ready in the mornings)
- 7 hours (breakfasts/dinners)
- 10 hours (extracurricular/sports/hobby)
- 7 hours (chores)
- 7 hours (socializing)
for a grand total of….
31 hours each week unaccounted for

You have THIRTY one hours a week left over after doing everything you’re “supposed” to do.  Time to watch funny Youtube videos, time for playing on your Xbox, time for learning how to play the guitar, time for calling your dear Aunt Nelly who so kindly sends you pajamas every Christmas (nevermind that they never fit.)  Or who knows, maybe you’ll use that free time for something altruistic like volunteering at the animal shelter or cleaning up trash in your neighborhood. 

Frankly, I don’t care.  Just don’t waste your time on Twitter bitching about how you don’t have time.

You HAVE the time.  Make better use of it, you assclowns.

And get off my damned lawn.

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