Thursday, December 29, 2005

Raw Ramblings

Uncooked, unedited, the words just flowing from my fingers because they can, not because I want them to, not because I will it so.


Funny thing is, I’m sitting at my desktop and rarely can I write at the desktop.  The laptop, you see, affords me a certain freedom, sure, literally, but mostly mentally.  I feel like I _could_ take it anywhere, go anywhere, write anything, and thus, while I may not literally leave, in my mind I feel I can and thus the words flow just as freely.

Regardless, I am sitting letting my fingertips wander with my mind and it’s freeing - liberating - a sensation I rarely experience anymore.  I find that I, like many people, am in my prime.  The worst behind me, sure, but the best, too.  The world sliding down, down, down toward the inevitable.  Not 27.


My power is at my greatest.  I’m proud of who I could be and who I am.  And yet I’m lost and alone and still struggling, as much as when I was 16.  Moreso than when I was 10.  But then, I don’t have my best friend, my grandmother, standing by and holding me up through thick and thin.

Once, when I swore a life long oath of secrecy, she told me of her love of all loves - her only real true love - a soul mate she had lost in her youth.

Pure and simple, like golden threads that sew generations and worlds together.  Eternal.

Golden threads do not break.

Nor shall I.

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