What Is CSTH?

Colorfully-See-Through-Head, more affectionately and easily called CSTH, is a journal/blog/personal place to rant, to rave, to emotionally barf, to share news and information and opinions with friends and stranger friends.

When first I started CSTH a lifetime ago, it was my haven. As time went on, I found myself feeling guarded and unable to write as uncensored or unfettered as I had wanted, so I stopped. CSTH was intended as a canvas on which I could paint (in words) however I wanted, whenever I wanted, in the ways I needed, without feeling ashamed or scared or battered. Sadly, if one is going to put something out in the world, it's eventually going to get kicked around, and as it turns out, CSTH was no exception. People I did't want to share with got pieces of me I didn't want them to have. Sadly, this is the nature of keeping a public blog/journal, and there's little I can do if I want to keep this place at least semi-public.

For the last few years, this canvas has been left rather blank due to my trepidation about the general maliciousness and wickedness of the world. I had hoped to bring CSTH back in 2011, but with the exception of a few random posts, it was not to be. Things were too fragile, and I was too battered. We'll see what the future holds, but like any will-o-the-wisp, CSTH could disappear without a moment's notice yet again.

It's okay if no one else gets what this is all about or why I do it. This is my special project; my special place; my special gift to myself. This is my see-through-head - slightly filtered so as to avoid confusion, disruption, or potentially blowing up the world. Basically, it's a personal journal made slightly public, with occasional messages specially written for the public, and even more rarely private messages written in cryptic ways for special people that only they will understand. It's ok if you don't get it - there are plenty of other places to play on the Internet.

§ Basic Stats

Birthday: (Dec. 14, 1973)

Married since Jan. 7, 1995 to The Delicious One

3 kids: Devon (May 11, 1994), Sebastian (Feb. 13, 1997), and Jenica (Jan. 31, 2001)

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AIM: woppat

Twitter: sillywoppat (authorization required)

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i've never been so
colourfully-see-through-head before
i've never been so
and all i want is to keep it like this
you and me alone
a secret kiss
and don't go home
don't go away
don't let this end
please stay
not just for today