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Wednesday, January 01, 2003

2003 Predictions

It’s tradition for me to sit down and think up predictions for the New Year.  This is something I’ve done with friends since junior high.  Victoria and I started the tradition and carried hrough with it for years and years.  I’ve slacked off the last few years, but it’s a fun one to pick back up again, I think.  This year I’m enlisting the help of Andrea.  Feel free to join in on the fun through comments or trackback, though!

Updated: I actually put updates to denote which have cone true and which haven’t over the last year.

# The first one is pretty obvious. Michael Jackson’s nose will finally fall off completely. It’s inevitable.
Nope. Worse! The guy was charged with child molestation.  As far as I know his nose is still (mostly) in tact.
# Andrea’s gonna have a little boy who will be her biggest baby yet, weighing in at 8lbs 91/2oz. Andrea’s insisting it’ll be a girl. She’s probably right, but I still get to hope for a boy. Oh yeah and she’s guessing July 13 as the baby’s arrival date.
Nope! Andrea had a girl, as she predicted.  I do believe she was Andrea’s biggest baby, though.  She was actually born on July 9.
# After an especially long and uncomfortable pregnancy, Bekki‘s going to have boy #4 born quite healthy and with a shocking amount of dark hair.
YES! As far as I know this actually did come to pass.  I don’t know about the hair, but I do know she had a boy and an uncomfortable pregnancy.
# George Dubaya will proposition Aimee, begging her to have his love child.
Nope.  Well, he was going to, but then he read her response and felt discouraged and decided not to. Poor Dubaya.
# JournalMama will finally let me set up an anonymous online journal for her so she can write to her heart’s content without having to worry about anyone knowing who she is. THEN, she’ll design an amazing product and market it quite successfully. (Sorry, the rest is top secret.) (Sorry, JournalMama, the book isn’t in your forecast this year, but maybe next year!)
Partially.  Journalmama participated in “a href=“http://anonablog.sillywoppat.com”>Anonablog for a short time.  Her amazing product was an amazing product - so amazing someone else thought of it first and Bed Bath & Beyond were already producing them before she had a chance to (at a much lower price than she could have made hers.)  The book may come in the next year, but somehow, I think that’ll still get put on the back burner once again.  (Prove me wrong, JM!)
# A certain DawgCatcher is gonna meet mister right, but the girl is so busy LOOKING for him, she’s going to overlook him. Ah, no worries, a happy ending is in their distant future, he really digs her enough to hold out until she does realize he’s standing just… right… over there. smile
YES! Not only did she get hooked up again, but in spite of her protests in my comments, she actually got pregnant.  Silly girl!
# I’m told to include the fact that I’m going to run off with the cutie teen Jehovah’s Witness that came knock-knock-knocking on Libby’s door, but I tell ya, as hot as she was, I just don’t know that I have the energy to convert her into the bisexual Wiccan I’d want her to be. Maybe I’ll just run away with Rowan, instead.
Nope.  But then, this was just a silly one and not really meant to be a true prediction.
# TDO will finally convince me to get him his own domain setup. I’ll spend even more endless hours than I already have helping him pick out a name, set things up and get things straight and in the end he’ll just let it sit forever and ever without ever having so much as updated it.
YES!  It’s a done deal. And nope, he never works on it.  Go figure.
# More terrorist attacks are in our future. Nothing as serious as 9-11, but enough to shake us up again.
Nope.  Thankfully, there hasn’t been anything major that’s occured, and nothing really minor.  Just a bunch of threats
# The Supreme Bitch is going to look into adopting a baby. Then the revelation of what idiotic timing it is will be slapped into that thick skull.
Nope.  I think my warning served to ward off baby fever for the most part.  Whew!
# Bitch’s S.O. will get a new, most excellent paying job and propose to my wonderful bestest Bitch friend.
Eh, not quite.  Not exactly, anyhow.  S.O. has broken away from the company he was working for, but still does contract work.  The two of them have at least discussed a wedding, which is something, at least.
# Andrea and I will finally figure out how to create our own skin with customized emoticons (complete with a flushing toilet noise) for Trillian Pro.Yep.  Done deal.  Of course, then Trillian Pro 2 came out and I haven’t been able to get my skin to work properly since.  Go figure.
# Mister Rogers is gonna die, dude. I know, it’s sad. *sniffle* I’m all teared up thinking about it.
Yes.  Sadly, this one did come to pass.  I don’t want to predict deaths anymore.  Too creepy.
# Bead Feebs will FINALLY get off the ground. Dammit.
Nope.  Bummer, huh?  I did get my own beads up on the web.
# Bundy and his angels are going to meet. I will SEE that it happens. Of course, between now and then some really scary transvestite is gonna try to hit on him. D’oh. You watch out for "girls" named Mama Jolene, ok, Bundyman?
Nah, I was just messing with Bundyman
# My brother and his girlfriend will of course get married and they’re going to have a nice 7.5 pound baby girl. In June. Probably June 20th, which would be terrifically ironic.
Reynne Cheyenne was actually a wee little thing, not 7.5 pounds at all, and my brother never married her mamma, sadly. 
# Firewalk is going to get engaged this year. Poor guy.
Well, I almost had him convinced.  I haven’t kept track of what’s going on, but I’m pretty sure there’s no engagement.
# Jeremy won’t get engaged, but by the end of 2003 he will be dating someone.
Nope.  Ah well.
# Ben’s going to start his novel. Really!
No word on this.  Maybe….
# Walter, from Rise from Chaos, will get some of his artwork recognized in some big wig publication or something.
If he hasn’t, he should have been.  I hear he might be taking some art classes soon, which might help with inspriation, if nothing else.
# My sister and her hubby will buy a house together.  The house will suck for it will not be as great as MINE!  So there.
Not yet.  Soon!
# Leslie and I are going to meet in May.  I’ve already decided, so of course she has no choice.
Nope.  Our trip was postponed and I never got the chance.
# TDO will get the chance to meet Shania Twain. (Ok, so he just WISHES for that and wanted me to put that in. :gag:)
# Hmm… Acidman’s gonna get a marriage proposal which he will wisely turn down (at least for the time being.)
Not that I know of.  Not that I care.  Butthole surfer took my link down.  Jerk.
# My buddy Ailic, also from Rise from Chaos, is going to get engaged to his sweet girl.
Not only did he get engaged, he married her!
# Beth is gonna be offered an actual job but she’ll turn it down. D’oh. Beth! You can’t hold out forever waiting for me to win that lottery! Heheh.
Yep! I’m good, aren’t I? Heh.
# Ooh, I think Jordy‘s momma can expect to be expecting. And looking into the far future, it’s going to be another boy!! Woohoo!
Nope. At least, not as far as I know.  However, Jordy’s parents wrote and illustrated a book!
# Desiree is definitely going to be arrested for stalking. (KIDDING!!!!)  I just had to be silly.  Nah, but she’s going to dye her hair some fabulously outragious color (burgandy??) and everyone will absolutely LOVE it!
Not that I know of?  However, I did get a lovely Christmas card and some nifty gifties from Des!
# Random Jane had better publish her book. I want to read it. NOW.
Soon, or so I’m told.  Sheah, right.  She refuses to publish just to annoy me. :cry:
# Daniel, (Rise from Chaos), will decide to move to another state after a torrid online romance.
Er, yeah.  Something like that…
# Neighbor Kid will get smacked upside the head by a rubber chicken.
Oh, I made sure that one happened.  Only it wasn’t a rubber chicken, it was a rubber googly eyed alien.
# Ed an Carmen’s new tenants will burn down the house.
Not that I know of, though I haven’t checked lately.
# Tracy is going to buy her condo, but if she doesn’t watch out there will be problems with it.  THANKFULLY, her hot next door neighbor will help out.  A lot. :wicked grin:
Nope, but she found herself a hottie boy who she absolutely adores.  YAY, Carmen!
# Virtual Enigma will finally start updating on a regular basis? Heheh.  Ok, maybe not.  Let’s see, random dice roll tells me that V.E. is going to struggle with some nasty issues with a cyberstalker.  Maybe an ex?
Not that I know of?  However, VE Is getting a new computer to rival my own new one, or so I hear.
# I think Nickel (all these RFC folks) will finally come out of the closet and admit he’s a dottabottaphiliac.  (It’s ok, Nickel.  Some of the best folks out there are.
Just another silly one.  Although, if Nickel ever comes to California, I’m sure dottabottaphilia will become a regular addiction.

Posted by Mommy on 01/01 at 01:16 AM
Posted under: Twisted Humor

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Thedawgcatcher  at  01/01/03 10:36 AM

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for not predicting anymore babies in my future wink.  Hahahahah (pops a pill as I type).  Hope you have the best New Year ever (including winning that lottery).


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Desiree  at  01/01/03 10:53 AM

Thanks also for no more babies in my future!  (If so then it’d have to be with another man!*gasp* 
Great way to start the new year!

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Bundy  at  01/01/03 10:59 AM

No kidding,  the people you know certainly know how to breed.  I have to say it is a bit discouraging to think that now IF I meet someone, I now have to screen them further. Arrggghhh!!!!  Ever see Crocodile Dundee?? Bar scene? grabbing crotch. I think you are late on MJ. I believe his nose did fall off and that is why he taped it back on. Otherwise.. have a great 2003!

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journalmama  at  01/01/03 11:28 AM

Okay, okay, so I’m a big fat chicken.  Let’s talk some more about that anonymous blog.  And, about that product…..it’s in the works.  Got some great ideas from a friend of mine.  Will let you know how the prototype comes out.  I suppose you’ll want a journalmama original, right?  LOL!  *I* am predicting I’ll at least get the book going, though.  Any thoughts on J.Lo’s wedding?

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Andrea  at  01/01/03 01:32 PM

LMAO!  You know I love these.  smile

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Les  at  01/01/03 03:29 PM

Hey, I am all up for meeting… Colorado is a wonderful place!! Wish you were here!

and if the rumor is true about the people you know, knowing how to breed… well, that can rub off on me too smile

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Aimee  at  01/01/03 04:36 PM

Yeah, beg all he wants, ain’t happening.  Fuckin’ ew.

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Firewalk  at  01/01/03 08:37 PM

I’m going to do WHAT this year? That kinda involves several key factors, primarily finding someone that will put up with all of my ‘quirks’ for more than a few weeks. You two are silly. FW predicts that it’s not going to happen this year.

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http://WWW.SCARYTHINGSINMYHEAD.COM/archives/000262  at  01/01/03 09:28 PM

It would seem that someone has put up prediction on what’s going to happen this year for various friends. I

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