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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Back Pedal

After I puked out my entry yesterday (written in wordpad and then transferred over to my site in the brief moment where I had a sliver of Internet connection), I realized something but it was too late to go back and change things with the Suck Internet (tm) and honestly, I was too tired to do much, anyway.

Back Story:  When my mom was still alive, she’d call me up at all hours of the day at night not-entirely-sober.  She’d sob and cry and tell me how I ruined her life and how I made things so terrible for her and how much she had sacrificed and lost because of “having” to be my mom.  The worst part of these calls is that I’d sit and listen quietly, offer words of love and affection and support, and then she’d say something like, “No one ever listens to me.”

...  ...  I was listening.  Wasn’t I?

I realized how yesterday’s post came across and I wanted to point out that I realize I do have a lot of really wonderful, really supportive friends.  Whether it’s a supportive text commiserating on the, er, joys, of sisterhood, or whether it’s taking a whole afternoon out to hike three miles (uphill both way) with a ‘net buddy, or whether it’s taking a whole day out to play tourist in the glorious land of Manitou, or if it’s setting aside silly pixels because of the smile it’ll inspire, or just a quick email/phone message/whatever to say, “Hey, are you ok?” - I really do have wonderful friends who care and who go out of their way to show it.  Thank you, all.

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