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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Code Fix Its

Sincere apologies to anyone who subscribes to my RSS or Atom feeds.  I imagine you have been bombarded lately with stupid updates and test posts. 

Ever since I changed over to Expression Engine (literally years ago) I have never been quite satisfied with the way that my RSS feeds from Expression Engine showed up in news aggregations.  Originally, I had used a news reader plugin with Trillian, then I switched wholeheartedly over to Bloglines.  I really DO love Bloglines, but I hate how my posts end up in one mass clump of text.  I tinkered with my templates, but in spite of things seeming like they should work, they never really did function the way I was meaning.

As it turns out, part of the code snippet I was using tries to display first a summary, then the body.  I had tried to set it so that only a small portion of the body would display, since I couldn’t fathom how to properly get the full body to properly format into paragraphs.  I don’t generally use summaries, which is why I had relied upon the word limiter plugin to basically turn the first how many ever words of my body into a summary, of sorts.  Because I had left the part that requests to display the summary in, it seemed to confuse readers and thus ignore all the rest of the code I had put in.

I may be wrong (wouldn’t be the first time today) but I think I have manipulated the code by taking out the summary part from the RSS and Atom templates so that now only a small number of words from each post will display and there will be a “more” link so that folks who want to read the whole deal can just do so at my site (where hopefully the formatting is a bit easier than one large lump of text.)  I’m feeling much better about that.  Now, if only I could make use of Expression Engine’s latest feature which makes RSS/Atom feeds protected.  Heh.  Baby steps.  That’s definitely over my head at this point.

Now to cook up a new color scheme… hmm… maybe then I’ll start writing regularly again… heh.

Posted by Mommy on 09/30 at 02:48 PM
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Chris Ellis  at  10/02/06 03:49 PM

Hi Liberty,

I stumbled across your blog through trying to sort out RSS feeds on the EE Forum. I probably spent an hour reading bits and pieces and found your writing engaging and humorous.

Last night I tried to find your site again, and added your RSS feed to my feed reader: Wizz RSS2.1.5 - Firefox addon. From Wizz RRS I can see a list of the last 10 posts, but regardless of which link I click, I only get your front page with the latest post. I can see the post summaries in the raw xml feed, but I guess the links to the article are still not quite right.


PS I notice that your comment page doesn’t respect paragraph breaks so all the text is in one block?

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