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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Demon Spawns

This morning I was awoken by a deligation of Demon Spawns.  Last night they were all put under suspention of privledges, including TV, Gameboy and computer.  I expected them to stage some kind of coup and was bracing myself against the inevitable when suddenly they both exclaimed, “Thanks, Mommy!” in joyful tones of love and adoration.  “Grounding us was the best thing you ever did!” they both agreed.  Er… alrighty then. 

I rolled over and fell back asleep, curling my arm around Jenica, who at some time in the wee hours of morning had climbed in bed with me.  About thirty minutes later, the boys were back asking, “Can we do some chores?”  I sat bolt upright.  Something was wrong.  Terribly wrong. 

After a few minutes of discussion, I finally realized they were trying to earn money to buy new controllers for the Nintendo 64, which has been without controllers and thus packed up for, oh, roughly three years.  I reluctantly agreed to write up a list of chores that would earn them three new controllers - provided ALL of the chores were done.  I didn’t care who did the chores or how, I just wanted them done.  Well, within moments of delivering the list, I heard the vacuum cleaner going and as I walked through the kitchen I saw little blue sponges moving like mad over various surfaces.


Granted, when the sun was fully up and the heat of the day become oppressive, everyone started to slack off, but I give them an A for initial effort.  They really need some help with method, though.  Smearing dirty sponges on white cabinets… not effective.  Running the vacuum five times over one spot but missing the rest of the floor?  Not effective.  Shoving everything into the closet and squeezing the door shut?  Not effective.  At least they sort of tried and admittedly, the general appearance of the house is better, if not truly good.

I hope it cools off.  Maybe I can crack the whip and get them to tie up a few loose ends.  Or.  Take a nap.  Whichever.

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