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Monday, December 11, 2006

Drowning… Sort Of…

The holiday season is in full swing.  Like many people with kids, I’ve spread myself thin committing to this project or that volunteer work, and while generally it’s fun stuff… well… yeah, I’m finding myself a bit overwhelmed and then some.  I suppose when I actually get right down to it, I don’t have all that much on my plate, I just don’t seem to be keeping up well, is all.

In my defense, TDO was bumped to graveyards this month and it always takes us both time to adjust to the schedule change.  The sad part is that by the time we both adjust, he’ll be back to swing shift.  Such is life, I suppose.  For the time being, I’m exhausted and out of sorts since I’m off my usual schedule.  I’m not getting time in to exercise (not that I think it was doing much for me, anyhow) and the relative “free” time I had before has been eaten up by all these extra projects and commitments, or else by worrying about them.

I did manage to get us an appointment for getting family photos done.  These are the first photos we’ve had taken of “everyone” since Devon was a baby.  I feel more than a little guilty over that, but either time or money were always issues.  This year, it was the whole “I’m a fat cow and don’t want that to be documented” thing.  In the end, I guess I sucked it up for the sake of documenting what the kids looked like, since no one really cares whether or not I’m a fat cow except for me.  As with most family portrait sittings, every single photo was goofed by one person or another.  In this one my hair is funky, in that one Bastian blinked, in that one Devon looked away from the camera.  It was such a pain picking out poses.  Thankfully, they had a really great special so we were able to get quite a few poses so that in at least one each person looks good.

Other than that, let’s see, I did my time doing the “Friday Free Centers” in Jenica’s kindergarten class.  I generally only go in on Tuesdays and I usually just help out with the messy crafty type projects that are (usually) on a fairly small scale.  Tuesdays generally consist of four stations lead by me, Miss Jan (the teacher’s assistant), Mrs. Jones (Jen’s teacher) and then one where they are kind of on their own.  The kids are split into groups of 4-5 kids and Mrs. Jones will ring the bell after 30 minutes and the kids rotate in a circle to the next center until they’ve done each one. Friday Free Centers is much, much more chaotic. 

Each station has a set number of people who can join in, ranging anywhere from 1 or 2 all the way up to six.  There were, um, four parent volunteers, I guess, plus Miss Jan and Mrs. Jones, plus one “unsupervised” station, so seven station in all.  The kids can go to any station, in any order and they spend as much time there as they need then just head to another of their choice whenever they feel the need.  Holy cow.  Talk about noise and chaos and bickering and “I wanted to do that station!” “But I was there first!”  “You cut in line!”  And on… and on… craziness.  I’m thankful that the project I picked to do was relatively easy and took nearly no supervision less having to curl the ends of each snowflake spike.  The kids really seemed to dig making patterns and taking home their own snowflake ornament.  Jenica enjoyed the project so much, she offered to use up the last of my supplies once we got home.  You can see the fruits of her labor here.

Thankfully, my involvement with the Cub Scouts has been kept low key.  I had considered doing a winter craft project with them at the last meeting, but time and energy were just running too low to bother, so I just helped out with some of the other wee baby projects they had going on, already.  Friday is our Christmas party and the last meeting until January (and the mommy rejoices…) so the only thing I really need to do is to bake up a billion little cookies and put them in the cute weensy little snowflake themed Chinese take out type containers I got from Oriental Trading company

Now, the real issue is the 8 billion packages that I not only need to finish packing, but I have to get them to the post office and mailed out.  I detest this.  I hate it more than any other part of the holidays, I think.  It means not only getting to the post office before 4pm (what post office closes that early, anyway? that’s insane!), but I have to manage to get there, balancing 8 billion boxes, bags, envelopes, etc. through pouring rain and then cope with the crack head postal workers.  If I had any wits at all, I’d just take a few packages each day as I finish them up, but no, I always wait until everything is ready to go, which is generally why I never send Christmas cards out… because, you know… I’ve lost someone’s address, inevitably, and I feel foolish asking, or else I get lazy, or else I forget, or else I ask but said person doesn’t respond, so then the rest just sit, and then the cut off date for stuff getting there by Christmas passes, and well, you know, it seems pointless so I shove the cards in some box and promise to get to them “next year”.  Funny how next year, just like “tomorrow” never arrives.  I actually opened some of the envelopes of pre-addressed “ready to go” cards I had stacked in some random box and you know, there were photos from five years ago in there.  No joke.  Jenica wasn’t even a year old, yet, in the pics.  I’m thinking I should send those photos out this year just to be funny. Heh.

So, provided I finish making all my gifts, get to the post office and mail them all, make 8 billion cookies, and survive whatever Christmas programs I am required to attend for the kids, I think I’ll be good, since after that, well, there are no plans.  At least, none that I know of.  TDO has suggested we get together with his friends, the tow truck drivers, but I’m not sure how that’ll pan out.  I’ve readied some little gift bags for their five kids in case we do get together, but, yeah, that’ll be sort of their headache, not ours, since we just will have to show up.  We’ve talked about having a New Years Eve party, but I highly suspect that the only people to come will be S & Cable Guy, since I can’t think of anyone else who would want or be able to come over.  Eh, we’ll see.  Feels weird not having any holiday parties to plan or go to at all this year.

Posted by Liberty on 12/11 at 03:11 AM
Posted under: 31 Days

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Krush  at  12/11/06 09:30 AM

Beautiful ornaments that Jenica made. They will look fabulous on the new tree you are starting…and new memories of her making them for you.

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Krush  at  12/11/06 03:02 PM

Awesome pictures of the family! And ‘m not exactly sure why you would even think you were a “fat cow”...you look fabulous!

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Pooka Pooka  at  12/11/06 09:05 PM

Can’t see any bugs in the photos.  You guys are a great looking family.  Flannel rocks!

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