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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Drunken Postal Workers

So, I think I may have mentioned post office issues in the past, I’m not sure.  One of my more memorable stories was when I took 8-10 packages to the post office (I had organized a big gift exchange thingy) and had to purchase boxes, etc. when I got there.  The asshole post worker stood there as I selected boxes, stood there as I packed everything, stood there as I handed him the money for not only postage, but for the packing materials, boxes, etc.  THEN… THEN after I was walking out he said, “You know, we have flat rate shipping boxes, now.  You could have saved yourself around $15 or more if you’d used those.”

Yeah, um, thanks dickhead.

The latest story, which I had meant to write about before now, but I ended up getting distracted by holiday stuff, pertains to an IM conversation I had with Krush.  She actually sent me two ornaments to fill up my tree (and it should be noted, she picked out the perfect tree topper and arranged to have it sent to me as well) and wanted to know if they had arrived yet.  The rest of the conversation (since I’m exhausted after tonight’s Cub Scout meeting, it’s getting cut and paste) is as follows:

Me: Not yet.  I forgot to ask the postman if he was drunk today. I really should have.  There were three pieces of mail in my box.  Not one of them belonged to me, nor did they all belong to the same recipient.
She: OMG…how crazy. It’s just a little something, but I saw it and immediately thought of you.
Me: You think I make this stuff up, but seriously.  This is my life. LOL
Me: Better my drunken postman than my drunken husband, I spose. :D
She: No, I don’t think you make it up…believe me, I probably have stories to share also.
She: Definitely, you wouldn’t want him putting things in the wrong “box” smile

I’m still giggling over that one, days later.

Posted by Liberty on 12/07 at 11:02 PM
Posted under: 31 Days

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Mamaerica  at  12/08/06 04:34 PM

DANG IT!  *I* found the perfect tree topper for you yesterday!  You’ll just have to get a second tree!  Humph!  (Nah….I can take it back.  No big deal) smile

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