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Monday, November 13, 2006


We say what we mean and mean what we say except when we’re meaner than we mean with what we mean to say.  We are quick to cut to the quick, breaking down while we break down what is and more importantly what isn’t.  In the end, there’s always a winner who doesn’t really win and a loser who’s lost more than the argument.  A tangle of tangles, a woven web more complicated than any a spider could weave and made only more complicated - not by the lies we tell each other, no - but by the lies we tell ourselves.

After the calm there is no peace, at least not until piece of mind can be found which is never quite as quiet in coming as one would hope.  Through the shattering pieces finally comes peace, though, finally… finally… and then there is a glimmer… a tiny understanding… a moment of recognition, of reaching through that emptiness, of pushing past the nothing into… something… a brief connection that may or may not be real but is real if it feels real, for whatever else may or may not be true, we assimilate our experiences as real regardless of the perception of others.

And in that fleeting moment there is a reason to try, a reason to fight, a reason to make up a reason to try again.  In breaking apart we avoid breaking up and in breaking down there’s a glimpse of the broken which is a part of all of us, making us whole.  Recognition of the unrecognizable and allusions to illusions then made solidly real.

I know you.  I know your light, even if the switch is inconsistent, even if you choose to hide it or even if your wiring is faulty.  My light stays strong and steady.  I beckon with my beacon lighting your way.  Can not you do the same for me?  Don’t assume this port will be around for your next storm.  Without two lights in the dark, one to find and one to seek, there is no connection, no linear path, no returning back from whence we came.  Don’t let leaving me stranded become the standard.

Mkay?  Thanks.

Posted by Liberty on 11/13 at 01:38 PM
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