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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gosh DARN it!



So, the server on which I host my websites has been down and funky and problematic for the last three days.  I’ve got other stuff on my plate, so I just let it go the first day.  Stuff happens, ya know?  I figured the web hosting service provider would do whatever necessary maintenance and get stuff up and rolling in no time.

Yesterday, it became extremely problematic since I NEEDED one of the websites for promotion for a big project I’m working on.  Still, I just braced myself and played a duck, letting it all roll off my back.  Some things are the end of the world - this certainly wasn’t one of those things.

Finally, tonight I sent in a support ticket.  My site was back up, but it was extremely funky/slow and it was using extremely OLD information.  Like, we’re talking about a month old.  Uh!?  What the bloody hell?  One of my sites was GONE in entirety.  Non existent.  Not a single file remained.  All of the custom artwork I’d done, all of the design work, all of the templates, for heaven’s sake, even the content management system was GONE!

But you know, stay in the moment, right?  Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.  Be proactive, not reactive…yadda yadda.  All the stuff I know is the RIGHT thing to do that I’m terrible at, I decided to try to implement.  I stayed calm and sent in my support ticket explaining the problem.

Here’s the response I got:

“It’s a pity to hear about the lost files. During the last file system check some files were put into lost+found.  The latest backups we have for your account is for 01/20/2013.”

They graciously offered to restore the data from A MONTH AGO.  Uh?  So… everything I’ve worked on in the last two weeks is GONE?  OK, it’s NOT.  I can restore it myself with my own backups - at least the parts I have worked on (collab stuff from other folks will be gone, but there shouldn’t have been much from the last two weeks) but holy crud.  Really?  It’s a PITY to hear about my lost files!?

I wrote a scathing reply about how I’ve been with the same company for more than a decade (actually, I’ve been with them since a year after they started up!) and about how I regretted my decision to renew with them and how I felt their service and attitude were reprehensible and… yeah.  It wasn’t short. (Makes this post look like a footnote!)  But.  I took a deep breath and came here to emotionally puke, instead.

Proactive, not reactive.

I’m so angry.  I’m so disappointed.  I do NOT want to invest the time to restore stuff on my own, but I will.  If it truly is gone, then it’s gone.  If they find it in their “lost and found” then great.  I’ll let myself cool my heels and if I decide that I am still not happy with their service then I will just go somewhere else.  No need to be scathing and vitriolic.  (But… but… I LIKE to be vitriolic!)

And yeah.  I’m sure a lot of this anger is misplaced anger.  Poor dude in Texas babysitting my server doesn’t need my wrath.  Hopefully, it’ll cool off before tonight’s “festivities”.

Posted by Liberty on 02/13 at 04:28 AM
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