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Monday, January 05, 2004

Just Like a Man .  Er.  Cat

Apollo is my baby.  He’s a beautiful cat with long black and white fur and while he is a bit skittish around other people, he and I adore each other.  When I call, he comes.  When I ask him to move, he moves.  He nestles under my desk at my feet while I pound away at the keyboard and often when I allow him to, he’ll snuggle up next to me and sleep.  I sneak him more tuna than I do our other cat, Asha (though Asha gets other treats) and sometimes he’ll sit in the bathroom and keep me company while I take a bath.

I love Apollo completely.

However, there are days when it is very apparent that Apollo is male.  Oh, sure there are the occasional “misses” with the litterbox, but I’m not talking about that.  Nor am I talking about him slacking off in the grooming department or his inability to accessorize.  That’s all understandable.  No, I’m talking about his perfect ability to up and leave the second I really need him to be there.

See, today was a cold day.  Not bitterly cold, but cold enough to keep the ice and snow that has accumulated outside in place, rather than melting away as is usually the case.  Being that I’m a lazy fat ass I never bothered to build a fire and since we have no central heat it’s _cold_ in our house.  Apollo was nestled comfortably in my lap keeping me nice and toasty warm.

TDO decide to go out to the car to get something and left the door wide open.  As if it wasn’t cold enough.  Rather than stay in my lap to keep me warm, Apollo took off for under my desk so he cold nestle up next to my computer.  Jerk.  Just like a man.  Er.  Cat.

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