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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This holiday season, we offer up gratitude for the people and things that mean most to us.  We’re thankful for family and friends, we’re thankful for security and comfort, we’re grateful to be where we are and with whom.  These are things we’re universally thankful for and to which we all can generally relate.

But what gives us the power of gratitude?

We take the sweet with the tart, the joy with the pain, and in the end, we hope we can find perfect balance.  We mix a nice batch of lemonade and let the sour prime our tongues for the lingering sweetness.

So here’s what I’m thankful for this holiday season:

I’m thankful for

...near-death experiences which remind me how fragile life is.  Libby, I thank my God that you - and Tom - didn’t wind up in a really bad situation.  And I thank the previous owner of your house for being an idiot and jacking up the wiring, because if he hadn’t, neither one of us would have been gifted the opportunity to realize just how important every single day is.

...the darkness of night and the fear that the light of never come.  Without it, the joy at the first light of day would be pale, indeed.

...sickness of mind, body, and spirit.  Without decay there can be no life and without illness there can be no gauge for health. 

...insecurity and self-doubt which serve to humble and bring modesty and tie us to reality - when we don’t allow them to ground us completely.

...friends who annoy us at the worst possible times, because it means we have friends and it means the friendship is strong enough to withstand annoyance and pettiness.

...jealousy which inspires us to try harder and be better than our competition.

...overwhelming emotions that threaten to drown since even the darkest emotions are better than the oblivion of numbness.

...movies and books and stories that make me cry because sometimes I need to let it go and I just can’t otherwise.

...endings, from which sprout the most profound, most amazing beginnings.


Posted by Liberty on 11/25 at 12:56 AM
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