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Friday, September 07, 2007

More Cub Scout Obsessing

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You know, any sort of volunteer work can get overwhelming, depending on the circumstances surrounding the work.  It seems like parent-related volunteering gets especially harrowing because of the direct emotional investment, but maybe I’m wrong.  It’s one reason why I’ve steered clear of the PTO/PTA scene.  I know I couldn’t cut it, and if anything, I’d be a nervous wreck at the end of each week.

When I opted to take over Sebastian’s Cub Scout Den, I did so knowing that if I didn’t, his group would go without a leader and thus without the fun and educational weekly activities that are supposed to be presented to them.  He’d gone most of his Scouting adventure without a leader and thus had only been able to participate in once-a-month pack meetings to that point (mostly) so I wanted to enrich his experience and give him more of what he was supposed to be getting out of Scouts.  Like parents who decide to homeschool, I wanted more for my kiddo, more that wasn’t being offered.

Since I first agreed to take on the position, it has been a love-hate relationship.  Like anything, I love the fun stuff, hate the hard stuff.  That’s typical, and to be expected, but I didn’t realize just exactly how deep I’d be getting in.  It’s getting really frustrating.

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