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Monday, February 18, 2013

More Hosting Issues

Still annoyed with my web hosting provider. I guess they finally realized I wasn’t kidding when I said stuff was SERIOUSLY BROKEN.  (Even after they supposedly fixed it!)  They took things down for another two days to do a “bare metal restore”.

But wait.

Yep.  It gets better.

Mmnyeah, so quick backstory… my site was hacked (Oh, Movable Type, how I HATE thee) back in something like 2004?  Essentially, hackers used some hole in Movable Type to crack in and hijack links.  I gave up trying to “fix” it after my friend bought me Expression Engine.  I imported all of my entries and I’ve never had an issue since… EXCEPT for old/weird/forgotten HTML files which had this malicious script hidden in them.

Fast forward to Decemberish - it was brought to my attention that there were malicious files on my server and could I please repair/remove them.  So I did.  Cleaned the whole mess out.

So guess where they dug up the backup from?  Mmnyeah.  Before I cleaned everything out.

So guess what I’ve been doing all night?

Top it off with a snarky/bitchy message from the hosting company that it’s MY responsibility to maintain current and up-to-date scripts on my server…  OMFG.  Seriously?

Look, the malicious “script” that hacked the site has been gone for 8 years.  The stuff that’s “hacked” was just old ghost files that were lingering around.  Only 2 out of bajillions even had their links jacked because the rest didn’t even HAVE links.  Other than spammy links, there’s no harm or reason to freak out.  Jeeze peeps.  I HAVE kept all of my scripts up to date, except for everything being ROLLED BACK more than a freakin month because of their server fart.

I’m livid.  I had a whole nasty response about how I should take my business elsewhere.  I’m glad I wrote it - it made me feel better - but then I deleted it.  Part of the solution.  Clean up my site, let them know it’s cleaned up, and move on.  I WILL point out to them (once again) that if there were any out-of-date scripts it’s because of their server failure and I WILL point out my site was hacked years ago and the offended scripts removed, but I doubt they’ll listen.

I really do want to find a new hosting provider, now, though.  This is just crap.

Posted by Liberty on 02/18 at 04:34 AM
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