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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

On Music

So Lost recently wrote about musical tastes (or lack of) and I had to really crack up because at the time that I was reading it, I was compiling music for TDO’s office Christmas party (which neither of us will be attending, so I’m not quite sure how I got suckered into this task).  Now, I’m not sure who gave TDO this list of desired music, but some of it was just awful.  To be fair, some of the music was just not to my taste, so it can’t truly be considered bad, just different, but um, yeah, some of it was just.  Really.  Bad.  That’s saying a lot, since I live with someone who’s taste in music often makes me want to stuff dynamite in my ears and blow my head off.  (The approximate sound that would make is probably comparable to TDO’s music, anyhow.)

Now, as Andrea pointed out, I’ve Got Friends In Low Places and OPP could be amusing if one was especially drunk, but how drunk does one have to be to actually want to listen to New Kids on the Block… unless, of course, one is trying to make fun of them.  And Cotton Eye Joe by (as is appropriate)  Rednex?  Um.  Yeah.  I’m also curious as to how they’re going to mix it up with a little Dream Theater, followed by Aqua (think “Barbie Girl”), followed by some sappy Chicago shit.  Should be interesting, and frankly, it’s not my problem.  I threw 300 songs onto TDO’s thumb drive.  It’s their problem now and they can do what they want.  I couldn’t find all the songs they requested, but I did manage to get most.  I also threw in some Depeche Mode to clean my own musical palate.  Yes, I know, Depeche Mode isn’t everyone’s thing, but they don’t have to listen to it.

They’d just be better people if they did.

Anyhow, along those lines, So Lost also recently wrote about scrobbling at Last.FM and how she’s incorporating it into her site(s).  I decided to give it a shot, too (see the sidebar on my main page) and have been quite pleased with the results.  I’ve always wanted to have a “now playing” sort of list in my sidebar, but haven’t found anything that didn’t entail a great deal of hassle or technology.  Granted, last.fm’s solution is a bit “spyware-ish” but it does what I want so I’m cool with it.  While they have made it relatively easy to customize how you present your list(s), I’m a bit frustrated with not being able to customize certain aspects.  I may play with the way it looks some more to get it to do what I think it should do, but at least for now it’s up and working.

Now everyone can see which music I’m obsessing over.  Woot!  The perfect stalker tool. Heh.

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