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Thursday, March 01, 2007


It is my strong recommendation that if you feel you are on the edge of a nervous breakdown, you take time to stop.  Just.  Stop.  Put everything down.  Just like sitting at a big meal, when you’ve had enough, push away from the table, stand up, walk away.  Not forever, but just for awhile.

It is also my recommendation that you hire, bribe, con, coerce, or blackmail someone into taking care of the details for you.  What details?  You know, the messy ones.  Telling everyone to back off and leave you alone while you recover, sifting through roughly 2600 emails, deleting the spam and responding to the 150+ that were “real”, canceling appointments, finding suitable replacements for Cub Scout meeting supervision, meal prep and other basic care of ye olde family, and let us not forget monthly bill paying and house maintenance.

Of course.  If you had help with all that to begin with, you probably wouldn’t be on the edge of a nervous breakdown, right?

I hate this time of year.  I seriously do.

So I’m not dead.  I don’t even wish I were, though I’m thinking a nice long coma would be alright.  I apologize for disappearing without notice.  I’m not back yet.  Consider this just a “Hello, from quiet (somewhat) vacation (ha!) land” postcard.  I’ll be “back” when the things in my head, my life, my heart settle some, but for now I am acting on my own recommendation and just have had “enough” so I need to push away from the world for a bit.

Posted by Liberty on 03/01 at 01:00 PM
Posted under: See-Through

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natedawg  at  03/01/07 11:47 PM

*hugs* Ok hon

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Darlynn Dammit  at  03/03/07 09:11 PM

*whistle blows*
It is time to get out of the pool. The world spins, join us again. Wait. Allow me to get you a towel. See here? Feel it. It’s warm with fluffy kindness. Go ahead, wrap up in it and we’ll wait until your hair dries. No, you haven’t missed anything. Miss you. Dar

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Tamara Tamara  at  03/04/07 05:17 PM

Take all the time you need sweetie, you know I will be here when you get back! HUGS!

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