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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Right?  Or Effective?

Years ago, I was asked for advice regarding a Scouting issue.  I offered up the “right” answer.  It was as by the book as it goes, and I know by all that I hold holy in Scouting that it was the right answer.  This was very much a “rule based” question, and I offered up the specific rules that applied to the specific situation, so I knew then, as I know in this moment, that it was right.

Well, today someone politely thanked me for the advice that I had given but then quickly followed up with, “But we didn’t follow your advice because it wouldn’t have been the most effective solution.”

I was stunned.  And annoyed.  And frustrated. And, frankly, pissed.

I was RIGHT!  It was even stated that, “You were right… but…”

So if I’m right, why is right not effective?

Now, the path that this unit followed wasn’t by the book, but nor did it specifically break the rules.  There was a vital piece (rule wise) that they rather much glazed over, which in the end cost them their recharter, however, they did handle things more effectively (in certain respects) and they simply found a different charter organization when their CoR threw in the towel and called it quits due to their “glazing over” of certain things.

Don’t get me wrong, I realize there are often multiple “rights” - or more to the point, different paths to the same destination.  Still, it bothers me that doing things “wrong” can be more effective than doing them right.  Then again, I’m not especially impressed with a lot of BSA’s ideas of what’s “right” currently, particularly those regarding exclusion.

Maybe I’m just exhausted and disgruntled for a host of other reasons, but today is definitely a day which makes me question if BP’s vision is really being upheld or if we’re getting all caught up in rules and regulations that don’t mean jack in the long run.

Whatever the case, I’m taking off my Scout Hat and leaving it off for a few days to let my hair down.  Hopefully, when I put it back on some of this stuff floating in my head will have resolved itself.

Posted by Liberty on 07/18 at 01:39 AM
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