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Monday, August 27, 2007

Scared Princess

night after night she lay alone in bed
her eyes so open to the dark
the streets all looked so strange
they seemed so far away
but charlotte did not cry

the people seemed so close
playing expressionless games
the people seemed
so close
so many
other names…

dear charlotte

i regret to inform you that i have yet again failed you.  it is with heavy sadness in my heart that i inform you that i must resign the position to which we agreed i would maintain.  over and over and over again and always the fastest way was through but now i am done.

sometimes i’m dreaming
she hopes to open shadowed eyes
on a different world
come to me
scared princess
charlotte sometimes

i wish for you… i wish for things to be different.  i wish for the world to shift and change and i wish for you to change with it.  i wish for fairness and for honesty.  i wish for everlasting and i wish for depths that transcend.  maybe when you wake from this nightmare you will have found the different world you are looking for.

on that bleak track
(see the sun is gone again)
the tears were pouring down her face
she was crying and crying for a girl
who died so many years before…

i mourn with you, charlotte.  i do.  i knew her well.  we both did.  i tried to hold and keep you the way i tried to hold and keep her.  but now it’s done.  i’m done.  i once believed.  i once wiped those tears.  i once tried.  now.  i am done. 

forgive me.

Posted by Liberty on 08/27 at 06:24 PM
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