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Wednesday, December 22, 2004


I swiped some questions from Parent Soup to ask the boys so I could write a post all about them.  I was actually quite surprised by some of their answers.  Today the focus will be on Sebastian because, well, being the middle kiddo he’s not first and he’s not last.  He doesn’t get to do things first, and he doesn’t get to do things last.  He’s right smack in the middle for everything and that’s gotta suck.  So this time, he gets to be first. 

1. Who is your best friend?
2. Who is your greatest hero?
3. What embarrasses you the most?
When girls say I like them.
4. What is your favorite music?
My favorite song is “1985”
5. What person outside the family has most influenced your child’s life?
Dillon - he teaches me to be stupid and funny.
6. What is your favorite school subject and least favorite?
Favorite: Art Least Favorite: PE
7. What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Getting the most girlfriends.
8. What is you biggest complaint about our family?
We never spend time together.
9. If I could buy you anything in the world what would you choose?
A robot that will play games with you and will go to school with you and do your homework even at school.  And he could turn invisible so no one would know he was there.
10. What really makes you angry?
When NK says “If you don’t do this or give me that I won’t be your friend.”
11. What does you want to be when you grow up?
A bug catcher and a rock star.
12. What has been the biggest disappointment in your life this year?
Madeline dumping me.
13. What gift do you cherish most?
Jeremy’s friendship to me.
14. What non-school book have you most recently read?
A book on airplanes.
15. What is your favorite food?
Pepperoni with sausage and extra cheese pizza.
16. What nicknames are you called at school?
Bastian and Bastina.
17. What is your most prized possession?
Gameboy Advanced SP
18. What is your most cherished memory?
One time I went to the swimming pool and I went in the deep end and I
didn’t drown, well, I almost did, but I didn’t and I stayed there for a
really long time.

It was interesting that he said that Jeremy’s friendship was his most cherished gift, both in that it wasn’t a material object and in that he said that Dillon was his best friend.  I also think Frankie is the one who influences him most, and not in a good way.  Bleh. 

It was a little crushing to hear that he thinks we don’t spend enough time together as a family, but it’s better to find out now, when he’s only almost eight than later when he’s almost eighteen.  We had already decided that once December is over and we can take a breather from the odd schedules and total chaos, we would try to do a once a week family game night.  The problem with that is that TDO rarely has a decent schedule with regular days off and having weekends off is almost never possible.  Still, it’s something we had hoped on trying to do.

I really loathe cartoon network and was irked that he picked a stupid cartoon character as his “hero” even if he was just trying to be a smarty pants.  Plank is a sort of imaginary friend type character who’s… well… scary.  To say the least.  I suppose in that I shouldn’t be surprised Sebastian would pick the strong, silent psycho type as his hero.  Hmph.

I would say that of all three of my kids, Sebastian is the most sensitive.  Not empathetic, mind you, but sensitive.  The slightest upset in schedule, the most offhanded comment, the most minute change in tone and he has meltdown.  He will push with one hand and pull with the other.  He is by far the most challenging to parent as the individual attention he needs far exceeds the individual attention we can give him.  He’s gifted with his writing and storytelling skills but unfortunately he doesn’t always use those skills for good, often turning them into wild lies.  Now and then, he will show a tender loving side that completely blows me away and leaves me completely vulnerable.  He has a sharp wit and an eye for the beautiful.  He knows girls, oh lordy does he know girls.  He plays them well, and lord help me, I don’t think he feels any remorse for it. 

Sebastian is extremely independent and curious which often leads him to be rebellious and opportunistic, typical of his Aquarius sun sign.  He is two sides of a solid, beautiful coin that is more valuable than all the gold in all the worlds combined.  When he smiles, my heart leaps with joy.  When he criticizes me, it cuts me to the darkest depths of my soul and I bleed, oh my God, do I bleed.  I value his opinion more than almost anyone else’s in the world.

I love you, Sebastian.

Posted by Mommy on 12/22 at 02:50 AM
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Desiree  at  12/23/04 10:44 PM

I’d have to agree that it is certainly a better time to find out now, rather than in further years that he wants to spend more time doing family together activities. 

Hey… a very Merry Christmas to you and TDO and your little ones!

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