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Sunday, December 30, 2001

Secret Seduction #2 (The Preparation)


A friend babysat 2/3 of my crew so I could wish Aimee a happy birthday in person without overwhelming her too much with too many kids.  In return, I watched her two boys while she and her husband escaped to a casino.  Two good things came of this.  One, I gave her $20 to play dollar slots for me and she came back with $54 in winnings (hooty hoo!).  Two, in asking me to sit for her, we talked on the phone for awhile and I asked her whether or not the local Not Too Naughty shop sold vibrators.  Well, when she asked what was up and I told her, she insisted on dragging my shy ole self there herself after they got back from the casino.

The shop was small, and smelled funny.  Not bad, exactly, but a little overwhelming.  At first I felt just shy and slightly shocked.  Not shocked because there was anything totally evil or lewd or scary about the store, but just shocked because I was there… at a sex shop.  WITH ANOTHER WOMAN.  *giggle*  Oh, I know, I know… no big deal.  But it was kind of weird.  That moment passed quickly and turned into being utterly overwhelmed.  There are so many types of vibrators.  I had no clue how to go about shopping for one, especially one not meant for me.  I have one, but it’s like, you know -  generic.  It’s “just” a vibrator.  Two speeds: on and off.  No fancy smancy design or care and no attachments or wickedly scary protrusions.  Just. A. Vibrator. 

So, um, after spending about five minutes just standing there and looking stupid, two other women started poking and prodding and examining the various packages.  Seeing them there, I got a little more brave.  All of a sudden, it felt more like I was just shopping for produce and the women next to me were just sniffing cantaloupe or squeezing mangos.  No biggie, right?  So I started reading the fabulously enticing (not?) descriptions.  The promises of thrilling orgasms and erotic pleasures was amusing more than a selling point.  The colors were repulsive, rather than attractive.  While there were some cool toys there that caught my interest and I could have gotten really fancy, I decided not to.  I think I’ll save that for another time when I’m buying something for *myself* because as someone pointed out to me today, if you buy a dud “toy” you’re pretty much stuck with it.  You can’t exactly return it or exchange it or give it away.  So, um… yeah, back to shopping for my husband.

I found a few “kits” that included a vibrator and beads and warming lotion, or sometimes feathers or butt plugs or other weird shit.  Nothing wrong with any of that, but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for.  Eventually, I decided on a very simplistic vibrator that had some cool sleeves.  The vibrator itself will be useful for massage if absolutely nothing else, and it’s small and not terribly offensive, so it’s not like he’ll have the chance to be jealous or afraid or something.  And the attachments looked versatile enough to be useful for both of us.  Heh.  In the checkout line, the friend that had dragged me there also recommended some really cool edible love oil stuff.  For $17 it had better be Orgasm in a Freaking Bottle.  Anyhow, she gave it such high ratings, I suspect it probably is good, so I won’t knock it until I try it.  That was more for me than him, but shhh… we won’t tell him that. wink

When I got home, I wrapped it all neatly and left it on the dining table.  I did take everything out of it’s original package, though.  Frankly, I think it’d be tacky to give my husband gifts with pictures of other nude women on it.  This is about him.  And well, yeah, me.  Oh, and btw, it’s COBALT BLUE, so it at least looks more manly than the fugly tiger stripes and funky pinks.  When he got home from work he saw the package on the table asked when he could open it.  “Not yet,” I replied slyly.  I’m going to make him wait a few days or until he completes his seduction.  He should go first this time, it’s only fair.

So that’s where things stand.  And yes, I have looked at the calendar and realize we’re a bit behind schedule.  Trust me, we’ve filled in with several “non-assigned” seductions of our own, but we haven’t actually done the “book” ones, yet.  The holidays just kind of goofed us all up.

Posted by Mommy on 12/30 at 03:22 AM
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Tanya  at  12/30/01 10:19 PM

That is cool.  I remember my first trip to the “vibrator” store so to speak.  Some of it can be a little intimidating.. LOL.. and the fortunate thing is, atelast you were considerate to [him], and didn’t bring home some 9 volt Vibrator twice the size of him and his ego..LOL.. Vibrators should boost their ego’s, not lower it, then he will prolly be more likely to enjoy using it with you. smile *Let’s just say, I’ve learned by trial and error.. LOL *giggle* Hope you have fun… Tanya

(note: Out of respect of his privacy I’ve edited his name out of this comment. *smile* —Liberty)

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jl  at  12/31/01 08:59 AM

Uh ... just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year, Liberty. (Why the hell does all this talk about vibrators make me all flustered?)

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