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Friday, November 30, 2001

Secret Seduction Mission #1

This year, I totally spaced my sweetie’s birthday.  My excuse is that we’ve been shopping for a laptop for him and I figured if we were shelling out so much for a Christmas gift, it might as well be a birthday gift, too.  Still, I really should have done something for him and I guilted myself into making a huge effort to try to find something truly special to give to him as a late present or even for Christmas.  After extensive searching and brainstorming, it finally struck me.  He needed something that would be useful to both of us.  No, no… not DSL (as much as I might have wanted that) ... No… he needs a year’s worth of Grrreat Sex.  (And so I!)

So, I ordered the book.  The deal is, each week you peruse the titles of the seductions together and then each partner tears one sealed seduction from the book.  You each go off on your own to read the seduction in private and you have a week to accomplish your mission.  This isn’t just “lick her here” or “talk dirty to him” kind of thing… we’re talking actually putting thought and consideration into this beforehand, planning it out and building up anticipation.  Getting involved, instead of just rolling over and saying, “Quick honey, while the kids are still asleep.”

I was going to let him open up his book on Christmas morning while the kids frolicked with their presents from Santa, but I was dying to see what secrets were hidden in those sealed pages.  Besides, he’s got some vacation time coming up before Christmas, why not take advantage of that?  So last night I teased him and toyed with him until he begged me to let him open the present I had so carefully wrapped.  (I’m really getting into this, aren’t I?)  We looked through the pages together and each picked our Secret Seduction Mission.

Now, I really do want to encourage people to go out and buy the book for themselves and I’m really not interested in breaking copyright laws, so I won’t print verbatim everything that was in my sealed page, but I will give the basic gist.  My mission, now that I have accepted it, is to do a strip tease for him.

Big deal.  Lots of women have done that for their husbands, right? (Er… not me, but still…)  The key is to really work him up to it.  So, the morning before the special event I leave a nice, slinky, sexy opera length glove laying somewhere conspicuous for him to see.  Tempt him.  Tease him.  Bait him.  So I dress up in a nice, but not overly sexy dress for dinner.  I allow him little glimpses, maybe a strap sliding down, or a peek at my stockings as I cross my legs.  He’ll easily be able to guess that I’m not wearing my tattered nursing bra or plain old white granny panties.  However, he won’t have a clue what’s really in store for him.

And as dinner concludes and the children are tucked neatly in their beds… I turn on some nice steamy music.  And slowly… slowly undress.  I get to actually show off my sexy things that I’ve no doubt spent a small fortune on, instead of having them voraciously ripped from me in 1.7 seconds flat.  He has to look, not touch, and I have to only allow him only glimpses.  Fun, huh?  Then… well, whatever comes after, comes after.  (Bad pun, I know.)

Here’s the catch to all of this.  I’ve never, ever even bought lingerie before.  Ever.  When I got married several people gave me lingerie for my bridal shower,  but it was more like a gag gift kind of thing, and nothing I’ve ever really made use of.  I have never, ever worn a garter belt and stockings.  I’ve seen them in magazines and they look so sexy and pretty, but… well, just not really me.  I own two pairs of thong panties and I have only worn them in that 1.7 seconds prior to sex.  Pointless, really.

So I set out today without a clue, but determined to accomplish my mission.  I had no idea what I was going to buy or how to make use of it.  I knew that I just had to have those stockings, though.  And I got them.  And the garter belt.  White, of course, to give the illusion of purity and a certain primness.  I decided to make use of one of the cute little numbers someone gave me at my bridal shower.  It was way too big for me when I got it, but now?  Exactly.  Perfect.  Or so I hoped, as I was driving home pondering just how in the world I was going to pull this off.  (Another bad pun, eh?)

After the kids were fully occupied, I snuck into my bedroom to try on the outfit.  After all, I can’t exactly do a strip tease if I can’t even get the clothes on, much less off.  Models simply must have assistants who help them get dressed/undressed, that’s all there is to it.  This is definitely going to be something I’m going to have to practice.  Now… imagine just how silly I’ll feel standing there in what feels like someone else’s undies dancing all seductively in the mirror, trying to look sexy without tripping on myself or looking goofy.  Yes… laugh, that’s it.  It is kind of funny.  But better that I do the tripping and goofy giggling before the grand event, right?

In the end, I think this will really pay off.  I get to practice being sexy.  How often do married women do that?  I certainly don’t.  We’ll get to flirt, anticipate, be excited… stuff usually only a part of dating, not marriage.  (From what I’ve experienced, anyhow.)  I want to have hot, steamy, racy thoughts for days at a time, wondering what’s to come, contemplating just how I’ll kiss him or what I’ll say.  And I want to know that he’s actually put time and effort into his moment of magic, too.  That’s the guarantee.  I seduce him, he seduces me.  A nice little trade off.

I’m really excited about this.  For once in our married lives, I’m actually looking forward to a sexual encounter with him, and I’m actually curious and full of suspense.

Posted by Mommy on 11/30 at 06:55 PM
Posted under: Secret Seductions

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Supafly  at  11/30/01 07:35 PM

Well, well, well .... good luck, kemo sabe.

And by the way .... you should have asked -me- for advice regarding the lingerie. Who better to apply fashion sense than your token gay male friend? wink

Love ya, babe. I hope you get an E ticket ride.

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Aimee  at  11/30/01 07:51 PM

How very very cool. 

I think I’m jealous.

No, I know I’m jealous. 

Well, yes, I’m jealous but not quite sure of what.  I mean.  I don’t want to strip for [him].  Or Ed, for that matter.  Heh.  Nor would either of them probably enjoy me stripping for them. 

You know what I mean.  Just something exciting and new and cool. 

[thought bubble] Hubba-Hubba [/thought bubble], thinks Aimee, with visions of Liberty in sexy underwear…


(Note: I have edited out “his” name from this GM entry and comment out of respect for my sweetie’s privacy. —Liberty)

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D  at  12/01/01 07:08 PM

So? How’d it turn out? =) MUST GIVE DETAILS!

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Tanya  at  12/09/01 08:14 PM

I think that is an awesome idea.  I would say good luck, but unfortunately, I read the outcome, prior to the beginning of the story… kind of like premature reading… oops… well, yknow what I mean… Anyhow, Good JOB!


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Jeff Aurbrey  at  05/17/03 04:15 PM

Man…Why don’t u have cyber-sex with me while ur husband is away sometime…...it will give u the sexist rush u have ever had…i promise wink...just e-mail me and we can do IT from there!!

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