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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Seduction of Music

As anyone who has ever had a conversation with me that lasted more than three sentences knows, I love music and especially lyrics.

Someone recently confided that he once wrote the lyrics to a song to a girl he liked.  After admitting this to me, he laughed nervously, worried I’d think less of him.  Now, while I admit quoting lyrics and claiming them as one’s own is hokey and lame and horrible, I can’t really condemn him for simply using lyrics to express his feelings, particularly given his age at the time.  Heck, I still fall back on lyrics.  What are lyrics if not poetry set to music?  Don’t many of us lust to have someone reading romantic poetry while stealing fawning glances?

I am admittedly particularly vulnerable to good lyrics.  A certain turn of phrase in a song might catch me and stick with me for days - or even weeks - or even a lifetime.  To this day, there are still lyrics in certain songs that grab me by the heart and just squeeze.  Sometimes in a good way - sometimes not so much.  As a result, I have to be careful as to which music I listen to in what company, since a mismatched pairing can lead to much awkwardness and confusion.

I’ve heard of music effecting one’s mood (for better or worse), but I always assumed that it was the rhythm, the beat, the tempo, and the types of instruments used which directly effected mood.  For me, the words are as important - often more so - as the music itself.

Does anyone else find music (and lyrics) to effect their emotions so strongly?

Posted by Liberty on 05/19 at 02:50 AM
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Chuck Chuck  at  05/19/10 07:47 PM

Music, and especially lyrics effect me very strongly, and they always have.  I find that it speaks to my inner self and quite often resonates with my current emotional state.

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