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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sims 3

I bought Sims 3 shortly after it came out.  I had already been playing for awhile before the game came out as a friend had clued me in on a, er, well, let’s just say not-entirely-legitimate trial version.  I only waited long enough to have the money to purchase the actual game, but after that I only played rarely due to time constraints.

I was gifted with the expansion pack, and honestly, I only played a couple of short times after installing the EP - again due to time constraints.  I just had other crap to do and couldn’t devote myself to a crazy game. 

Lately, I found myself craving game time and I just wasn’t in a position to reactivate my WoW account.  Not only that, I just wasn’t in the mood.  I decided to give Sims 3 another go.  I’m really, really enjoying myself. 

I haven’t been as interested in home design as I used to be, but that’ll come in time.  I did design a lovely beach house that made me long for Ft. Bragg.  One thing I had never really done is a Legacy Challenge, so I decided to give it a whirl.  It’s strange… when I used to play generations of Sims with Sims 2, I’d find it difficult to keep my Sims alive for very long.  I mean, they didn’t die prematurely (well… when I was feeling particularly vindictive, maybe…) but it just seems like Sims live longer in 3 than they did in 2.  Perhaps it’s just perception.  In spite of their relative longevity, I’m struggling to get goals accomplished in a timely manner.  My first gen starter Sim already aged up from Young Adult to Adult and she really is only barely to halfway with her goals.  Not good.  Not good at all.  I guess she’s still got Adult and Elder years, so we’ll see.

Here is my starting Sim, Amelia:

I really do love how she turned out.  For some reason, it feels like many of the Sims in Sims 3 are… uh.  American.  That is to say, a little on the pudgy side - even if they are, in fact, “healthy” - they LOOK doughy, for some reason.

I’ve also been less than impressed with the Townie selection for finding mates.  I find it terribly irksome to try to find a decent, compatible, interesting mate who doesn’t look, well, wrong somehow.  I don’t mean to be a genetic snob, but seriously, if I have to deal with ten generations of Sims in the same household, I don’t want them all to have the faces of Pugs or beak-like noses.  Yeesh.

Thankfully, I found a reasonably good looking fellow for my Sim to take as a mate, Sherman:

Oddly enough, I almost always make one of my first romantic gestures to “Ask if Single” but I forgot to this go around and poor Sherman ended up starting a romance with Amelia while he had a girlfriend.  Eventually I received an option of, “Ask to breakup with Ruby.”  Oops.  Ah well, Sherman agreed wholeheartedly that things were over with he and Ruby, so they moved onward with their romance and spawned two children.

The first born, Elise, ended up being the heir, as my starting Sim was a female, so I need to go with a Matriarchal line.  She was cute as a todder:

And has maintained her looks into childhood:

Here’s hoping she doesn’t age up fugly.  I always worry, since “cute kids” very often turn out to be hideous adults.  Ugly duckling story in reverse, I suppose.  Her brother Timothy is nothing special to look at as a toddler.

I have no real plans for him (except to make him flaming gay… because, well, I can) nor do I plan on Amelia and Sherman having a Spare Heir, so it seems this is all there is until Elise ages up and begins her own family.

Not sure why I’m writing all this, except, well, I can.  And maybe just to have an excuse to let people download Amelia if they want.  (You’ll have to login - otherwise you’ll have to email me for the URL to the file.)  Once you download the file, simply unzip it and put it in the My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Saved Sims folder and you’ll be able to find her under custom Sims in Create A Sim.

Enjoy. smile

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