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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer’s End

As summer draws to a close, I find myself cogitating on problems over which I have no influence.  It irks me and leaves me in turns frustrated, agitated, hopeless, and even resigned.  The key, I’m told, is to find that which one can control and to hold on tight.  I suspect the real key is in letting go of it all.  I’m not quite up to that.

That said, I am ready to let go of summer.  It wasn’t horrible or defeating.  Believe me, I’ve had much worse summers, recently, in fact.  No, this is just my usual longing for autumn.  I crave warm foods that are heavily spiced.  I ache for crisp, foggy mornings with the air heavy with the scent of turning leaves.  I want the growing anticipation for the coming holidays.  I want sweaters and hot cider and cuddle time in front of the fireplace.  Of course, our fall lasts approximately 3 weeks (I am only slightly exaggerating) so when it comes I have to lustily enjoy it before it’s gone again.  I suppose that’s why I long for it is much, though I have always loved fall.

Aah   Autumn.  But not yet.

I know a lot of people do spring cleaning, but I save that for the end of summer.  By then I’m sick of everything and too hot to do much besides sift through piles.  I tend to be in a place where shedding layers is natural, so throwing off a few of grime and dust and clutter comes more naturally than other times of year.  It’s also great preparation for fall decorations.  (See me wandering back there again?)

Late summer is also a time when I feel like cleaning up digital messes - thus the desire to clean up and fix my blog*.  There have been a few other matters I’ve seen to - things that have been on my to-do list for all too long and which, for one reason or another, I haven’t been able to tackle.  It’s freeing to have some of these tasks done - but some were pretty difficult and/or painful.

The end of summer is also the chance for last minute getaways into the wild before school and scout commitments keep me to a more rigid schedule.  We have a few things planned, but with school staring the 14th, I’m not sure how much we will get done.  While the final weeks of school are a sort of mad dash to finish up with responsibilities, the last weeks of summer tend to be a reckless race to fit in fun things before free time dwindles away.

It’s a tad like life, I guess.  We start out clumsy and slow, thinking we have all the time in the world - that’s our spring.  Then the lazy days of summer come to our lives when we burn hot and wild.  Then as fall approaches we realize how close lie our winters and that we must so as much as we can, while we can.  Prudence and careful planning fill fall. 

Meh. Better stop before cogitation turns to melancholy.

* I am still frusterated with feed issues but for those who are keeping track, the feed is here since I cant get the Feedburner one to work at all.  Still no luck with replacing “On This Day”, either.

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