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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Textual Connectivity

I have a passion for words, which is probably why I keep the company I do.  Oh, I’d like to think I can string a sentence or two together, but many (most??) of my friends are true wordsmiths in some form or fashion. 

Perhaps this is why the Internet and texting are perfectly acceptable means for creating and maintaining friendships.  My people know words. They wield them as expertly as any craftsperson does tools or as any warrior does weapons.  And while my skills and talents in writing pale in comparison, my reading those words is a skill in itself.

Please understand, I don’t mean just seeing the words and understanding their meaning.  No, I can read the way a friend is writing the way other people read facial expressions and body language.  I can tell when a friend is depressed or angry or scared or tired or drunk - not necessarily by the words he or she chooses, but by the textual style, the pronunciation - or lack thereof - and by the pauses and lulls.

I know the pacing of my friends textual communication.  It’s not uncommon for a conversation to have a 17 minute lull as someone changes a diaper or fixes a line of code or kills a world boss in a game.  We pick back up as if there isn’t a pause.  It’s also not uncommon to go days, weeks, or even months between conversations - and picking right back up as if there wasn’t a pause.  I also - usually - know when to worry because someone has gone a little too long in radio silence.

I hear so much about how the connectivity of the Internet has left us so disconnected, but I also know that there are soul deep connections being made - and kept - over text based communication every day.

Look, nothing beats the touch of another human being. Nothing can replace direct eye contact or the familiar scent of a loved one that imprints deeper than any sense into our memories. 

Still, it’s worth acknowledging the unique connectivity that can be had over text based communication maintained relationships.  Sure, it takes skill to use - and accurately read - those words, but I believe them to be skills worth acquiring.

Posted by Liberty on 11/09 at 02:59 AM
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