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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Beginning of the End

Blogs come and go.  We read a few religiously for years.  Then one day, maybe a short notice, a quick little “Goodbye, so long, nice to write for you,” that may seem or feel like it came out of nowhere.  Sometimes folks just stop writing.  At that point, it’s touch and go as to whether or not they’ll come back.  Clearly, when a domain expires, and its owner hasn’t written in awhile, it’s a good sign that they’re gone, probably for good.  Then again, maybe a blog just moved.  Maybe a writer got touchy-feely and decided to opt for Livejournal or the increasingly popular Myspace and you weren’t put “in the know” for whatever reason.

When Bead Feebs was born, Andrea, Caro and myself were the only active participants and Andrea and I each had our own blogs/webspaces in which to share our work.  It stands to reason then, that Bead Feebs was more a way to give Caro a place/space to share her work than anything else.  It made it convenient for Andrea and I to merge our works so that others could more easily check out just specifically our beadwork, but we could have created new categories in our own blog and managed pretty much the same task.  As we didn’t get a whole lot of traffic (to my knowledge) and we never did receive any more requests to join the Bead Feebs bunch, after our initial bead fever wore off, there wasn’t much reason to continue, especially after Caro got busy with other things.  I still post photos of my beadwork in my photo gallery, and I was invited to participate in a fun Bead-a-long monthly challenge thing, so my need for “community” type stuff was fulfilled.  When I decided to take it down last month, there were few regrets.  It had been more than a year since anyone besides myself had posted and honestly, the Bead-a-long project seemed far more promising.

When I created Troubled In Their Dreams, it was at a time when there were people around me with whom I often spoke of interesting/vivid/strange dreams who were also very interested in blogging.  Just exactly like with Bead Feebs, it seemed like a fun “community” project in which I could include others, especially others who didn’t have another blog space with which to communicate.  The difference between Bead Feebs and Troubled In Their Dreams, is that for whatever reason, things just clicked so much better, faster, cleaner with Dreams.  I found several people who would participate regularly and contribute suggestions and ideas.  I tied the whole Cure theme in, giving me a photoblog (Pictures of You… also defunct, at least for now…), a regular journal/blog, and a dream blog all with ties to the Cure.  I searched high and low to tie lyrics in with each Troubled in Their Dreams category.  I found suitable colors (or so I thought) and while I was never quite satisfied with some of the graphics, I tried some new things that I had never done before in breaking out of rectangular boxes. 

So, it is with great sadness that I announce the death of Troubled In Their Dreams.  It has been exactly a year since I have posted anything, and even longer since anyone else has posted anything.  As much as I poured a lot of heart and soul and time and energy into the weblog, there seems to be little point in keeping it, other than in archive format.  Unless I have some great renewed interest, I think I’ll just delete Troubled In Their Dreams from my Movable Type list of blogs and just leave it as is… probably more than slightly broken and yet still available for folks to peruse should they get the urge.  (Or maybe I’ll thrash the whole thing.  Hard to say.)

It leaves me wondering.  When will CSTH go away?  When will I sigh and say, “I don’t want to do this anymore?”  When will I get pissed off enough to say, “Fuck it?”  When will apathy take over and that little notice telling me I need to renew my domain incite a firm, “I don’t care”?

I hope not soon.  My domains, my blogs, they are my babies.  They are each a part of me.  I have lived here, loved here, cried here.  I have inspired more than a few laughs (I hope!) and made even more friends.  I’m not ready to let go, I’m just not sure what I am ready for.

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