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Friday, September 22, 2006

The Leaves Are Changing

It’s tradition.  Every year as the leaves start to show whispers of color and hint at fall to come, I murmur softly to TDO, “The leaves are changing.”  Every time we’re out and about together and I get that shiver of anticipation down my spine, that exciting sensation that something is about to happen, I lean close and whisper those words again.  TDO usually smiles or, “Uh huhs” or some other trivial act of appeasement, as it seems he doesn’t really get what I’m talking about, and usually, I don’t let that get to me.  I love fall, like no other season.  It reminds me of comfort and coziness and electric change like no other season, not even spring, can inspire.

Having spent so many years in places where spring and fall might have been brief moments or not really exist at all, it’s exciting to me to see the changes that occur in the weather and plants and creatures.  In Barstow, we were accustomed to two seasons: extremely hot and extremely windy.  If there were any other type of long lasting weather patterns, I didn’t notice them.  Sacramento was more mild, but fall was much like Colorado where everything that was going to just sort of died all of a sudden and everything else stayed green.  The only main difference was in the type of plants that suddenly died and the type of plants that stayed green.  I’ll never get over green grass in January.

Autumn here is a very gradual, graceful season.  It starts with colorful indications of subtle changes in the plants and in the behavior of animals.  Then, in spite of often uncomfortably warm days well into the 90’s, the evenings chill significantly, often into the low 40’s.  Eventually, with a turn of leafy gold and brown skirts, even the days become cooler and eventually, the rains begin, a sure indication of winter.  The changes are so beautiful and exciting, but also bring about a sense of dread and worry, for winter is usually a very dark and difficult time for me, or at least leads up to the depression that so often comes in early spring.  I am determined this year to take things day by day and enjoy what is, rather than dreading what may come.

That isn’t the only change, though.  I’m getting out of the house several times a week, rather than staying in almost all the time.  I’m getting involved in things I would otherwise be afraid to even contemplate.  Little changes.  Small things that gradually build up, just like the weather and the changing trees.

It’s funny, even though I’ve noticed the air heavy with the pregnant change of the season, I haven’t said much.  Mostly, I’ve been rolling my thoughts over in my head, internalizing everything rather than sharing with the world.  However, this morning something very unique and interesting happened.  TDO came and sat on the bed and rubbed my feet to wake me up.  We sat quietly for a few moments as I stretched and gained my sleepy bearings, then he gave me his boyish smile and proudly announced to me, “The leaves are changing.”

Posted by Liberty on 09/22 at 03:47 PM
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So Lost  at  09/29/06 12:15 PM

Thanks for the tips, Liberty!!  Got it all transferred and am sooo happy to have a friend like you to help me out!  (My RL friends are all computer illiterate.)

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