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Thursday, September 15, 2005

This Too Shall Pass

Sorry, you need to login for this one.  It’s not particularly interesting, juicy, or even important (in the grand scheme of the universe) but I’m feeling tender (hah, the irony) and vulnerable and just felt like only sharing this little piece with the friends whom I “know”.

Posted by Liberty on 09/15 at 01:01 AM
Posted under: See-Through

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Krush  at  09/15/05 09:35 AM

*Big hugs* and an offer of an ear anytime you need it. But you know that—I hope.

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Lelenia  at  09/15/05 10:05 AM

*Hugs* Just wanted to peek in and let you know you’re not alone.  Funny, I’m wearing the bracelet you made today and was just thinking about how very talented you are and how in the world did you get all those teensy weensy beads to form one bigger bead.  Maybe we’re all just teensy little beads that have to stick together through the tough times to hold eachother in one piece.

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Talisman  at  09/15/05 03:31 PM


Remember hon, you don’t know how to sew the fingers back on your hand.

CALL ME if you need me.  I’m alawys here for you.  You are beautiful and wonderful and loving and caring. Without you, I wouldn’t be here.  Remember that.

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Phoenix  at  09/15/05 05:50 PM

Uhm,I guess, I will follow the pattern. *Hugs* I would love you put something else, But, Uhm, I just came for the hug. Love ya libby! If you ever need some lovens from southen guy, you know my number. Even if you just want to play a game or something. I don’t really have anything fancy, Or uplifting, But I will always be here if you want to chat. Love ya lots! By the way, i have a “Miracle” cream cure here for your Fibromyalgia, Pretty sure you are familiar with it. Anyway, Have fun.

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