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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Someone Please Turn This Boat Around

After taking a couple of days from the things that were bothering me about Scouting, I am no further resolved.  If anything, I’m more annoyed and torn.

When I was on Wood Badge course as a participant, our troop guide spoke of diversity and how important it was to the BSA.  She quickly explained that diversity didn’t mean what we thought it meant, “you know, not pride parades and all that,” then quietly mentioned that if it had she would have to quit Scouting.


She is clearly not alone in this sentiment.

I think what has me bothered isn’t her beliefs but rather the fact that she is willing to quit an organization she strongly believes in if they allow that sort of diversity in.  No. Actually, what bothers me is that I don’t quit even though they are denying basic civil liberties to adults and youth alike.

It has me questioning how far I will really go to stand by my own beliefs.

The Wood Badge staff project we are working on has been crawling along at a snail pace.  When someone finally stepped up and took charge of a portion of it, we were all so relieved, we didn’t bother to really jump all over it to see if it was suitable. When I got home from vacation, I decided to check it and about lost it. What?! Srsly?!  It was one of the single most offensive things I’ve read in ages.  After a brief discussion with the author, he was able to clarify some points and let me know the intent, so it wouldn’t seem quite so bad. In many ways, he was just working with what others had told him to do. Still, I couldn’t stomach it, so I rewrote most of it.

Now, I risked stepping on toes by saying something but I at least had revisions instead of just complaints. Still, I did feel I was standing up for something I believed in and felt strongly about.  After the discussion with the author, I sort of felt like I just didn’t care anymore. I even drafted (but didn’t send) a defeated “Y’all do what ya gotta do. I’m out,” email.  Cos seriously, it’s just a tiny sliver of time during the eight days of presentations.  Who cares?

Yeah. I give up too easily. I’m sure Sara would say so, too.

So I didn’t back down (though privately with the author i tried to be diplomatic since he did work hard on it) and I didn’t send the drafted email and I have a list of possible compromises to go over during today’s meeting.

I sort of am hanging on this thin thread of hope that Wood Badge will be a good experience so I can turn myself around. Otherwise, I may resign in December. .

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