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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

What’s in Store for 2004?


I’ve gone back and edited the 2003 Predictions to display which have come true and which haven’t.  Some are amusing.

# Andrea will finally make her husband go get “snipped.” (Either that or she’ll end up pregnant. Heh.)
# Blue, from Blue’s Clues, will finally talk.  (Ok, I cheated on this one.)
# I’ll actually remember to send out Christmas cards in 2004.
# Assasination attempt on Bush.
# Nezumi’s boy will propose to her.
# A strange phone call (or set of phone calls) will upset or frighten me sometime during 2004.
# O.J.‘s going to have more charges against him.  No big surprise.
# Someone from my past will come back to haunt me.
# Journalmama will get an unexpected job offer.
# There’s going to be a big, nasty, horrible plane crash somewhere in the US.
# Maybe The Supreme Bitch’s S.O. really will propose this year.  Hey, it could happen.
# Along with the Caucasian “Nuggets” now offered by McDonald’s, they will start to offer more choices for vegetarians. (Shh, never mind that the items are all still cooked on the same animal lard infested grill.)
# I firmly believe that our foolish overseas interests are going to leave us vulnerable here in the US to some bigger, more real problem here on the home front.
# If you all haven’t felt lied to by the Bush administration, well, you’re fucking stupid.  But that aside, prepare for more lies masked behind pretty language and false witch hunts.  It’s going to continue to be ugly, folks.
# Closer to my own home, I believe I will find a new sense of balance in the coming year.  Not happiness exactly, and certainly not a sense of being completely content, but definitely more inner balance which will help me to attain a certain level of happiness which has alluded me this past year.
# Some stupid asshat from the Everything Eyries guild is going to really piss me off and push me over the edge and I’ll wind up either quitting or at least taking a long haitus.
# In invitation of some import will come during the first six months of the new year.  I’d be a fool to pass it up, but then, no one ever called me particularly clever.  We’ll see how that turns out.
# Andrea will find a renewed sense of freedom as her girls get older and find the energy and enthusiasm to start a new project (perhaps business related.)
# Jer… dude, you let me down this last year.  You better find a girlfriend this year.
# Nate is going to meet a girl who is particularly smitten with him.  Too bad the guy is so dense and won’t notice until late in the year, or perhaps even next year.  Pay attention, buddy, and maybe you can avoid losing her!
# A surprising baby announcement will come from the celebrity community.
# Pooka and A. are going to have a boy.  Yikes!  That’ll be fun to adjust to.
# Sorry, Carmen.  No marriage proposal this year.  Well, maybe NYE 2004, but probably not sooner.  That’s alright, I can’t afford to fly up north for a wedding just yet, anyhow.
# A harsh winter all over the US.
# I *will* have a day with over 500 hits sometime in 2004.  I will, darn it!
# Jenica will finally be fully potty trained.  (Yeah.  Wishful thinking at this point, right?)
# Some of the fuglier styles of the 80s will come back to haunt us.  (Dude, are you like seriously gonna like wear that or like what? Tubular!)
# Expect a big earthquake in California.  Not *the* big one, but _a_ big one.
# Oh, there’s gonna be a big, highly controversial lawsuit regarding something about women in the workplace.
# Floods in the mid-west, baby.  Expect it.

(Sorry these weren’t as amusing as they could be.  I’m Fain Bried.)

Posted by Mommy on 12/31 at 03:24 PM
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Rob  at  01/01/04 04:04 PM

Ha ha!  Again I’ve successfully avoided being included in people’s predictions.


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