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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wood Badge Weekend 2

We’re just seven hours out from when we need to hit the road for Wood Badge Weekend 2. 

Let me just say…I’m. So. Tired. 

There was an incident with missing bamboo sporks.  It’d take me forever (even more forever than usual, even) to explain why the sporks are important, but they are and I was quite distraught when they went missing.  Devon teased me that since they’re biodegradable maybe they’d gone “back to the earth”.  NOT FUNNY.  Thankfully, the sporks have been returned - whole and ready to use.

I made cute little Fox charms to hang from our button pockets (Scouters will recognize what I’m talking about… the temporary patch side, yo) and they turned out so well.  They’re gifties for my fellow Foxes.  The blanket we’re donating to Project Linus (well, one of them…) is all snipped and ready to be knotted.  The copies of the handouts we are going to give out when we do our presentation are printed and (I hope?) set to go.  TDO has them, so I won’t feel comfortable that they’re truly ready until I see them.  Laundry’s done, the house is clean (as clean as it gets anyway) and so now I just have to worry about the “me” details.  Well, and grocery shopping but I’d have done that already if I weren’t waiting for TDO to wake up.

The “me” details are always the hardest for me.  Packing my stuff.  Getting myself. ready.  Making sure I have everything I need.  It’s much easier to think of the kids or TDO or Tilly or the house or the sitter.  At this point after sweating over a hot vacuum cleaner all morning, I’d be happy with a long bath and a nap, myself.  Alas, no rest for the wicked. (Or the procrastinators.)

Part of me is looking forward to this weekend.  I will be glad to be DONE with all of this.  That sounds so ungrateful and I don’t mean for it to be, it’s just that I’m tired and drained.  I want a break.  When I mentioned to Libby that I should just take a week off she asked, “So why can’t you?”  Oh.  Right.  I guess I can if I want to.  Not an entire week, but there is definitely some scheduled down time in store for me.  I need it.  I’m still sick, darn it.  Stupid colds.

So off I go to find my earbuds (I suspect my oldest son swiped them, the little booger) and to throw dinner in the oven and maybe, just maybe start working on some of the “me” things before my not-quite-seven-hours slips away.  Maybe when things calm down I’ll actually get a chance to discuss my ticket.  (I’m actually pretty excited about a couple of the items.) 

Or maybe I’ll just sleep for 100 years.

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