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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Writer’s Strike

Since I am feeling so fragile, you’ll have to login to read the rest.  Sorry!  (Don’t worry, you don’t have to read it.  It’s long and boring and mostly just me rambling to get things off my chest.)

I was asked recently if I was on a writer’s strike.

Nooo… not exactly.  In fact, all things considered, last month was a busy one for writing for me.  If anything, I’ve written more lately than usual.  I’m just sporadic like dat and don’t write all that often - ever.

The simple explanation was that I’m feeling sort of fragile after everything that’s happened.  Yeah, the usual recent drama has effected me, and yeah, the anniversary of my mom’s death, and then there’s all that raiding in WoW and Cub Scouts and fussing with the idea of getting Girl Scouts going and feeling just a bit withdrawn from the world in general.  So.  Yeah.  I’m feeling fragile. 

The other big issue is that I don’t often get inspired.  Most of what I write here is crap.  I know it, you know it, yet I still keep writing and you (well, some of you) still keep reading.  Weird, huh?  Still, I generally have to be inspired or else be “in the mood” in order to write, and lately I have been neither.  Er.  That’s not entirely true.  I’m writing now, aren’t I?  The problem is, I get inspired or get the urge to write at the strangest, most absurd, least convenient times.  Like, when I’m relaxing in a tub full of bubbles in water watching the candles on the side of the tub tell stories in shadows, then all of a sudden, words started filling my head and I have this mad bad urge to write them down.

Oh.  How convenient. 

Sure, I could wait until I am finished with the tub, but when I’ve tried to do that, I tend to forget what I was thinking - or forget to write at all - and then I get really frustrated.  Someone seriously needs to invent a waterproof laptop (or something…) so I can still soak while I write.  As it is, I sometimes opt to grab the laptop and haul it to the bathroom, and by the time I sit my sudsy nekkid butt down on the toilet seat and fire everything up, I forget what it was I was going to write and started to get chilly and annoyed. 

Um, yeah tangent.  Anyway, something else recently came up, which left me feeling very much not like writing.  Especially given all the anniversaries and such of death.

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