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Over the last decade, I have often considered taking CSTH offline completely and only writing on my own computer. I have at times kept the site wide open and I have also kept it tightly locked down so that only a very select few had access. Expression Engine affords me the opportunity to customize various levels of access, so by registering I can grant you access appropriate to the level to which we know each other and to which I am most comfortable. If you are granted login access to the site, please be respectful and not share your login information or the content that has been made available to you with others.

I realize that there are people out there who are uncomfortable with the material presented on my site - even the stuff I keep wide open to everyone. It is imperative that if you are one of those people you find something else to do.

First time visitors to my site should be aware that this site occasionally contains strong language and mature themes. Please make sure you read the read the disclaimer that I have used for many years before registering. One rule apparently needs to be reiterated: "Don't be a psycho stalker,". If you find the content of my site to be offensive or upsetting, please find something that will be more useful to you.

If you can not respect and adhere to the basic rules and etiquette that are laid out in the disclaimer, you will be blocked from this site. After all, if you do not have the maturity to decide on viewing content for yourself and if you do not have the ability to follow a few basic rules, then I will make the choice for you.

If your registration has been rejected completely, it is likely because I thought your registration was spam. If you are a live person and feel this was in error please respond to the rejection email with your concerns.

OK, if you managed through all that and STILL want in - go for it!

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